ResetSmile cleaner

ResetSmile Cleaner

For all removable partial dentures

  • Each container includes 12 packets of high concentrated cleaning crystal powder and every packet lasts 7-10 days.
  • Formulated To Clean & Disinfect ResetSmile devices
  • Made in the USA
  • The best solution to help remove tough stains like coffee, tea, iron, nicotine, calcium and calculus from ResetSmile — without bleach or chlorine.
  • Reduces mouth film buildup, eliminates odors, removes plaque buildup, stains, and yellowing without softening your oral appliance or making it brittle.
  • Easy to use — Stir one mint flavored cleaning crystals packet in a container of warm water and allow the solution to dissolve for three minutes; soak dental appliance for 20 minutes and then rinse under running water. Use a brush and ultrasonic bath for increased cleaning efficiency.