Replace missing teeth from home for less than half of what you'd pay at a dentist's office.

If you need dental implants, try ResetSmile instead. Start smiling more and chewing food better with our truly dentist-grade, flexible, removable device - without metal dentures or implant surgery. And no dentist office visits.

Missing teeth holding back your smile? ResetSmile can help. It’s a direct-to-home, lower cost, dentist-approved way to help you smile confidently and eat normally again. No metal dentures or dental implant surgery.

ResetSmile model
ResetSmile model
ResetSmile model

What is the ResetSmile® System?

A high-quality partial denture by mail. No dentist visit required.

If you are among the millions of Americans suffering the consequences of missing teeth, our advanced custom manufacturing technology now makes it possible for you to get a dentist-approved partial denture shipped directly to you at home for a fraction of the cost.

ResetSmile is a flexible, removable, tooth replacement device that lets you smile more and eat normally that no one can tell you're wearing.


Does it Really Work?

ResetSmile can work for you.

Whether you're missing one tooth, two teeth, or several in your upper or lower arch (or both), ResetSmile is an affordable option.



Case Case Case Case Case

Actual customers

Life-changing results

Watch actual customer stories

"I am extremely pleased with the product."

"I have the confidence back I was missing."

"Popped them in, gave me boost of confidence."

"I actually cried."

"I actually cried."

"Cheaper than the dentist for the same device."

"I have the confidence back that I was missing."

"I look younger...I'm not nervous anymore."

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Save over 50% vs. a dentist's office

Three Easy Payment Options

One device replacing one or more teeth in either upper or lower "arch."

Pay Now & Save
One payment due today


Total due today & FREE shipping.

Lifetime Warranty option for $5.99 per month.


Pay in Installments
4 Monthly Payments


per month + shipping

Lifetime Warranty option for $5.99 per month.


Pay Over Time
Get a 3, 6, or 12-month plan

$0 down

0% interest, 3-month plan available

Two devices replacing one or more teeth in both upper and lower "arches."

Pay Now & Save
One payment due today


Total due today & FREE shipping.

Lifetime Warranty option for $7.99 per month.


Pay in Installments
4 Monthly Payments


per month + shipping

Lifetime Warranty option for $7.99 per month.


Pay Over Time
Get a 3, 6, or 12-month plan

$0 down

0% interest, 3-month plan available

Your At-home Impression Kit ships right away and you'll get your ResetSmile device(s) within 2 weeks of returning your impressions.

Prices include a licensed Dentist review and approval of your case, and your ResetSmile device(s). Shipping is applied at checkout. There are no additional fees for any dental services.

National surveys suggest that the cost of a one-arch partial denture (sometimes called a “Valplast partial”) sold at a dentist's office ranges from $1259 and $1824 depending on where you live. If you need two devices for both your top and bottom teeth, that price can double to range from $2500 to $3000 or more. ResetSmile is made of Valplast—same as what you would get at the dentist's office—for a fraction of the cost.

See our Satisfaction Guarantee,
Warranty & Return Policy

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

What if it doesn't fit?
We'll fix it for free. Or your money back.

We stand behind our product and if you are not satisfied with it, even after we make a new one to get it to fit correctly, we offer a refund upon returning your device(s) within 30 days of receipt if you're not satisfied. It can take a little time to get used to wearing a new tooth replacement device. Yet most people forget they're wearing it within a few days or less. But if after giving it a try your new smile does not fit well enough, don't worry. We will fix it for you by either adjusting it or even remaking it for FREE.

We deliver a truly custom-made device that fits the first time for about 9 out of 10 of our customers. That's because every smile is unique and products of our quality are sometimes difficult to get perfect the first time. If you are patient and willing to work with us, we will remake and/or adjust it for free until you are satisfied. There is no additional cost for this service. We take every single customer's smile seriously.

You have our commitment to make a device that works for you.

Money-back guarantee

Yes, it can work for you.

Custom-made to fit your unique dental anatomy.

Every device is unique. Here's just a few of infinite possible designs:

How It Works

to get your new smile


Step 1: Receive the kit by mail and make your impressions

Buy online now, get your At-Home Impression Kit by mail.

Kit arrives in a few days. Make impressions any time and place that is convenient for you.


Step 2: Upload photos online

Take your impressions & photos then send them back.

Use the easy-to-follow instructions and pre-paid postage return pouch provided. Photos help device match your tooth shade.


Step 3: We create your ResetSmile and mail it to you.

Get your new smile by mail. Snap in and smile more!

We design your ResetSmile, get it approved by our partner dentist behind the scenes, and ship it to you within 2 weeks. You start smiling more confidently and eating normally again.

Back teeth

Do I need teeth behind it to attach to?

No back teeth? No problem.

Yes, we can replace missing back teeth. We custom-design each device to your unique dental anatomy using our 3D software. If there are no remaining teeth behind your missing teeth, your device is designed to flex and snap-on to the remaining tooth or teeth in front of the missing teeth.

Lost a tooth?
Reset your smile!

You're not alone! Did you know that over 178 million Americans
are missing at least 1 tooth.*

  • Smile more confidently
  • Chew food better
  • More affordable
  • Dentist-approved devices shipped directly to your home
  • Speak more clearly
  • Removable and comfortable
  • No metal dentures or surgery

No Dentist Visit Required

No office visits
ResetSmile product

* American College of Prosthodontists

Matches your natural tooth shade

A tooth shade-match card is included in your At-Home Impression kit. Hold this card next to your teeth and take a selfie. We use this photo to match your device to your natural tooth shade.

Tooth shade matching

Ready to Start Smiling More?

  • Smile naturally with confidence
  • No one can tell you’re wearing it
  • More affordable – same devices sold by dentists, for a fraction of the cost
  • Easy and convenient – no dentist visits
  • Eat normally again
  • It’s flexible & durable
  • Greater comfort with no metal
  • Speak more clearly
  • Non-invasive, no surgical implants
  • Better fit through advanced technology


If you cannot find an answer you need:

Ask Us

A tooth shade match card is included in your At-home Impression kit. You hold this card next to your teeth and take a selfie and upload it at when you mail back your impressions. Our dental lab uses this photo to match your natural tooth shade when making your device - we have over a dozen natural tooth shades and multiple gum shades too.

At the present time we do not and as a small company we don't support reimbursement claims on our customer's behalf. But you will get a receipt and access to your chart through our partner dentist, which typically is useful for filing a claim yourself. Also please check with your insurance plan, because some customers have success submitting claims directly on their own for reimbursement for our product.

We can definitely replace the missing teeth. For broken teeth, it really depends on how far down broken they are, and how much space exists to build a stable device in the gap caused by the broken teeth and also whether they are healthy and our reviewing Dentist approves it.

We really can’t tell until we get your impressions and photos and the dentist reviews it. But we do often find that we can make devices over some broken teeth if there is sufficient space.

Unfortunately no, ResetSmile is appropriate for those missing some, but not all, of their teeth because each custom-made device is made of a flexible material that grips onto the remaining teeth along the gumline to securely snap into place.

Unfortunately not at the present time as we ship and sell only in the USA. We hope to expand in the future.

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Get back what’s missing and start smiling more.™