How It Works

to get your new smile


Step 1: Receive the kit by mail and make your impressions

Buy online now, get your At-Home Impression Kit by mail.

Kit arrives in a few days. Make impressions any time and place that is convenient for you.


Step 2: Upload photos online

Take your impressions & photos then send them back.

Use the easy-to-follow instructions and pre-paid postage return pouch provided. Photos help device match your tooth shade.


Step 3: We create your ResetSmile and mail it to you.

Get your new smile by mail. Snap in and smile more!

We design your ResetSmile, get it approved by our partner dentist behind the scenes, and ship it to you within 2 weeks. You start smiling more confidently and eating normally again.

Who does it work for?

Lost one tooth? Missing most teeth? Yes, it can work for you.


ResetSmile is intended for people who suffer from missing one or more—but not all—of their teeth in the upper and/or lower jaw and who have healthy teeth next to those missing. Missing teeth may be caused by decay, injury, wear, and many people are simply born without them.

Actual customer

Actual customer

Safe and effective

Every ResetSmile device is made entirely with high quality Valplast® the world’s #1 material used in flexible partial dentures, trusted for over 70 years, with 300 million devices made.


The process: what's in the kit?

Mail-in your impressions. Get a dentist-quality device.

After you place your order online, your At-home Impression Kit is mailed to you right away. It contains the trays, putty, and instructions you'll use to create an impression of your upper and lower teeth. It also has a shade-match card to snap a selfie of your smile with and send in so your device will match your natural tooth shade. We provide a link to a video tutorial too, and a prepaid return label to ship your impressions back to us.

When we receive your kit back, we'll make a 3D scan of your teeth and virtually design your ResetSmile device according to the treatment plan of a Board-Certified Dentist. Once approved, we'll fabricate and mail your ResetSmile device to your home, all typically within one to two weeks from when we receive your impression.

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Impression kit detail

Get back what’s missing and start smiling more.™