Frequently Asked Questions


Partial dentures, also known as removable bridges, are custom made prosthetics designed to replace missing teeth for people who are missing some, but not all of their natural teeth.

They use specially designed "arms" called clasps that wrap around your natural teeth to provide retention and stability to your partial denture.

Partial dentures are a removable device, while dental implants are designed to be permanently fixed into your mouth.

Dental implants generally consist of the implant itself which screws into your bone to provide anchor points for a series of crowns and/or dentures to be attached to it.

Implants are generally far more expensive than partial dentures, are very invasive and can require additional complex and expensive treatment in the future if complications arise.

A tooth shade match card is included in your At-home Impression kit. You hold this card next to your teeth and take a selfie and upload it at when you mail back your impressions.

Our dental lab uses this photo to match your natural tooth shade when making your device - we have over a dozen natural tooth shades and multiple gum shades too.

Yes, ResetSmile is proudly made in the USA.

We can definitely replace the missing teeth. For broken teeth, it really depends on how far down broken they are, and how much space exists to build a stable device in the gap caused by the broken teeth and also whether they are healthy and our reviewing Dentist approves it.

We really can’t tell until we get your impressions and photos and the dentist reviews it. But we do often find that we can make devices over some broken teeth if there is sufficient space.

Unfortunately no, ResetSmile is appropriate for those missing some, but not all, of their teeth because each custom-made device is made of a flexible material that grips onto the remaining teeth along the gumline to securely snap into place.

Unfortunately not at the present time as we ship and sell only in the USA. We hope to expand in the future.

If after you mail in your dental impression our dental team and/or licensed dentist determines that ResetSmile is not appropriate for you given your dental condition and we cannot make you a device, we will notify you and issue a full refund to your method of payment.

Yes! ResetSmile is a truly dentist-grade device designed to help you eat normally while wearing it in addition to smiling confidently. It is to be removed for brushing, flossing, and cleaning.


For those who are missing one tooth or have several missing teeth but are not missing all their teeth, ResetSmile is a great solution that looks natural, lets you chew food normally, requires no surgery, and requires no metal in your mouth. Tooth replacement options like implants or fixed bridges are invasive and expensive.

ResetSmile is made of the same flexible material used for decades by dentists. It’s a removable and comfortable tooth replacement option that costs less than other alternatives. Best of all, you can get ResetSmile without ever leaving home by using our at-home mail-in impression kit.

Yes. Every aspect of your treatment with the ResetSmile system is doctor-prescribed and doctor-managed by an assigned state-licensed dentist. Your ResetSmile purchase price automatically includes this service, which is provided to you through our partnership with Dentulu, America’s largest online teledentistry provider. Upon completing your purchase and providing your dental & health information online, Dentulu will electronically assign you a Board Certified Dentist (for each of the 50 US states), who will evaluate the dental/medical history and impressions you submit to make sure ResetSmile is appropriate for you, create and prescribe your treatment plan, oversee the digital device design, and approve your final ResetSmile device before it is shipped to you.

Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement option to replace missing teeth that involves dental implant surgery and healing time. While they are a good solution to the problem of missing teeth, implants are the most expensive and most invasive of all the tooth replacement options. Many people can either not afford dental implants, or do not want to undergo surgery to implant the post. For that, ResetSmile is often a good solution.

ResetSmile also works great for those who want a cosmetic and comfortable temporary solution while undergoing surgery for dental implants. ResetSmile can be used as a transitional appliance for when implants have been placed and/or when you are waiting to receive your final crowns.

Yes, we can replace back teeth. What we do is custom-design each device to the individual dental anatomy using our 3D software and printing process based on the impressions you submit.

If there are no remaining teeth posterior to the missing teeth, the device is designed to grip along the undercuts (right along the gumline, the Valplast flexes a little bit to grab on) of the remaining tooth or teeth in front of the missing teeth.

Please ask the dentist who did the extraction how long to wait before taking impressions. They typically advise 4-6 weeks until the extraction site is fully healed. 

The American Dental Association recommends replacing removable partial dentures at least every five years or sooner depending on how well they fit or if there are any additional changes in the mouth. (source: ADA Oral Health)

In addition to providing natural, life-like aesthetics, custom made partial dentures from a trusted source like ResetSmile are designed for full function including eating and drinking. 

It is recommended to remove your partial dentures at night in order to allow your teeth and gums to rest. However, removing your partial dentures for extended periods of time beyond just sleeping can lead to your natural teeth shifting, causing issues with how your partial denture fits.


We stand behind our product. Over the past few thousand customers, our devices fit well right away over 95% of the time. But just like in a dental office, when you first put in your new device it occasionally might not fit perfectly. But don’t panic! We offer free adjustments, so if it does not fit, send it back and we will adjust it for you and/or make and send you a new device for free.

We want ResetSmile to help you, so be patient to get the smile you want and ability to eat better than before. If ultimately we cannot make a device that works for you, we offer a 30-day Smile Guarantee! You can return your device within 30 days of receiving it and we'll issue a full refund to your method of payment.

Follow these instructions or watch this video on how to take and submit an impression of your teeth. When you return your impression, simply send the impression back in the tray (return the rubber, tray, and all). Do not remove the impression material from the tray.

Yes, you may order ResetSmile with a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA).

If you're ready to order, head to and click "GET STARTED". You'll be prompted to take a short 7-question survey to help us understand your unique smile needs. You'll get an instant response on next steps. 

ResetSmile is an affordable and convenient solution. ResetSmile customers save 70%, on average, compared to high dentist prices and they say our custom appliances are higher quality than any others they’ve ordered before. For our pricing head to our home page. You'll find options to pay upfront or use monthly payments. You can also pay using Affirm. 

All our purchases include free remakes and a 30-day Smile Guarantee. We will remake and/or adjust it for free until you are satisfied. And we offer a refund upon returning your device(s) within 30 days of receipt if you're not satisfied.​

Refunds can only be sent back to the original payment method used to place your order. If you placed your order with card that is now expired or canceled, the refund(s) will most likely be credited to the replacement card. If you do not have a replacement card, your card issuer will deliver the refund using an alternate method such as a check or bank deposit.


If ultimately we cannot make a device that works for you, we offer a 30-day Smile Guarantee! You can return your device within 30 days of receiving it and we'll issue a full refund to your method of payment.


At the present time we do not and as a small company we don't support reimbursement claims on our customer's behalf. But you will get a receipt and access to your chart through our partner dentist, which typically is useful for filing a claim yourself. Also please check with your insurance plan, because some customers have success submitting claims directly on their own for reimbursement for our product.

We take ACH, debit cards and the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, and China UnionPay.

Although some minor repairs to your ResetSmile device can be performed by a local dentist or laboratory, we do not offer repair services at this time.

As an alternative, consider purchasing one of our warranty options to ensure coverage of your ResetSmile device when you need it the most.

Flexible partial dentures from a dental office can cost anywhere from $1,200 from low cost DSO providers all the way up to $2,000+ per arch!

By comparison ResetSmile has a variety of options and payment plans starting at just $448 with monthly payments as low as $97/month.


ResetSmile devices are often far more comfortable than other removable tooth replacement options. Appliances with metal clasps don’t move naturally with your mouth and can even weaken natural teeth over time. Because of our high-tech 3D printing process, ResetSmile can be created with greater precision than other dentures. That means better fitting teeth sent straight to your door.

Yes! ResetSmile can help you get your smile back. Our flexible devices look great for you to feel confident about smiling again.

ResetSmile should be cleaned using only Smile Again or Val-Clean brand denture cleaners, available online from ResetSmile or a wide variety of retailers.

Cleaning tablets and other brands commonly found in stores are not recommended as they are not proven to be effective in cleaning nylon, which is the main component of the Valplast resin that ResetSmile devices are made from.

Please use the following link to fill out the required health history form:

Please enter your case ID number at the beginning of your form.

We need your 7 smile photos so our team can ensure your device is custom made for your dental anatomy and your teeth shade. 

Please head to You'll read a short set of instructions and see some sample photos of exactly what we need uploaded. These instructions were also included in the instructions provided in your at-home impression kit. 

Don't forget to include your smile photo while holding up our tooth shade calibration card that was included in your at-home impression kit. 

We use the same materials that dentists have used for decades. Every ResetSmile device is made of Valplast, the gold standard in dentistry for flexible removable partial dentures. It's been used in over 300 million devices.

Valplast is a nylon resin and is known for it's high durability and high flexibility. A well-cared-for ResetSmile partial denture should last about 5 years!

The dental industry defines partial dentures as temporary as they can be removed for fittings, cleaning or other reasons. This is in contrast to other teeth replacement options like dental implants that are considered permanent.

Dental implants require surgery where a metal post is set into your jaw. Once healed a tooth is then applied to the post. Dental implants are expensive, intrusive and the treatment can take months.

Our partial dentures are affordable, convenient and don't require in office dentist visits. We can provide you a custom fit partial denture from the comfort of your home. 

No in office dentist visit is ever required with ResetSmile! We will ship you an at home impression kit with all the materials you need for an easy impression. It's easy and takes only about 20 minutes. You then ship us back your impressions to our lab where our dental technicians design and build your custom device. A licensed dentist that is certified in your state will then review your case and our solution for approval before we mail it back to you. 

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